Building of enkonn solarWho We Are

Enkonn Solar is a Shenzhen based Manufacturer of integrated solar street lights in China, which is subsidiary of enkonn

Established in 2009. we focus on clean and eco-friendly solar powered products to provide customers with professional products & services.

such as solar yard lights – integrated solar street lights (8W to 60W), which adopt high light efficacy LED as light source, almost 100 lumen per wattage and follow a proven process of design and integration of photovoltaic system.

Quality and Customers comfort are our top priorities

Advantage of integrated solar street light

What We do

Enkonn provides clean and Eco-friendly solar powered products. for nearly a decade, our company has been dedicated to design, production, and distribution of solar powered products and accessories.

Our solar powered street lights are all certified by internationally recognized standards such as CE, RoHS, and FCC. with a monthly output capacity of 100,000 units, our products are now available worldwide in more than 100 countries and regions including America, Australia, Japan, Korea, Europe, Southeast Asia, the Middel East, etc.

We constantly review our list of suppliers in order to obtain the best raw materials. This process allows us to manufacture innovative solar powered products of the highest quality.We strive to satisfy customer requirements through meticulous designs, dependable performance, and high cost-efficiency.

Enkonn is and independent brand. Our development team offers OEM service and can complete product design and customization with 15 days.

Products Line:

Integrated solar street lights