frequently asked question about warranty, lead time, or installation for products: integrated solar street lights, solar yard lights, garden street lamps

How solar street light works

integrated solar street lights as a new designed solar street light, you do not need to wiring when it is installed. just simply install in to the pole and turn the switch on, then it will be ready to work for you. the solar panel on the top of the products will convert solar energy into electric energy by using photoelectric effect.

there is a light sensor on the street light to perceive the brightness of surrounding, so when the sun sets, the fixture will be switch on automatically.

and there is also a motion sensor which is on the rear side of the fixture to perceive the movement. so when something or someone comes near to the solar street light, the lamp will be 100% brightness for lighting. when it leaves a distance of the lamp, the light will be only 30% brightness to save energy so that the batteries will support longer time.

Is it easy to be installed?

Yes. It is very easy to be installed. Lamp housing can be installed in the place where is open and has enough sunshine to insolate, and then activate the product through stabbing the switch with the provided needle.

How is the brightness in comparison with household fluorescent lamps?

It is not as bright as the fluorescent lamp because solar light is low voltage, while household fluorescent lamp has to connect wires and the voltage is 220V. If you pay more attention to the luminance, then the fluorescent lamp may be more suitable for you than the solar light